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Duterte is here for a reason – at least temporarily

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many people would question why some writers can be believable when they give opinions when the media that they are on are not yet well known? This I have to say that as a citizen of the Philippines alone, one can give opinions but the credibility can be gained on how the messages are passed across for the public to read, view or hear.

Some would believe that extreme problems demand extreme solutions and thereby President Rodrigo Duterte is the right President for that sort of job with his non-negotiable condition in solving crimes. However, he should stop the extra-judicial killings and should be liable for the murders because he inspired them. As they say, one cannot proclaim with the left hand that he loves the poor and powerless and kills them with his right hand.

The Philippines is a democratic and republican State and sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.” As per evidence, the citizens of this country toppled Marcos and Estrada. That is how powerful the citizens of this country are. They can topple a government based on constitutional grounds. They can also build a country with the leaders of their choice and they don’t have to go through elections to put in place their chosen leaders. As we can see that Duterte’s opposing party has tried to stage another people power revolution using the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos’s burial at the “Libingan ng mga Bayani” as the subject for their disagreement with Duterte when we all know that it is far worst than that.

Given that the president is serious about national reforms. He should at least lower down his intense actions and foul language not to add more enemies as he tackles the problems of the country.

As seen in the conflict between Duterte and CJ Sereno, possibilities for a constitutional crisis are evident. Every citizen, and the CJ is a citizen, has a right to ventilate her views to the President. Coming from the UP College of Law, Sereno’s letter was not intended to insult the President.
CJ Sereno is correct in saying that the judges should be administratively investigated by the Supreme Court.Duterte is also correct in holding that since the report involves violation of our criminal laws they should be investigated by the investigative agencies of government – the police and the agencies of the Department of Justice. Each department of government should perform its own functions.

Duterte obviously did not learn a lesson from President Marcos. Martial Law does not allow Presidents to reshape Philippine society and institutions. The only constitutional power that is allowed with the declaration of Martial Law is to repel, pursue and destroy the rebels or invaders, “when public safety requires it.” But it is not necessary to declare Martial Law as it is the duty of the President to repel and destroy the rebels or invaders without the need for Martial Law. The suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus is not automatic with the declaration of Martial Law. As a matter of fact, the President has to make a choice between declaring Martial Law or suspending the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus. Civilian authority continues to function – Congress, the courts and other institutions of government. These institutions cannot be reoriented and reshaped. They are impediments to revolutionary solutions to our problems. As a matter of fact, these are the institutions, together with their officials, who constitute our problems – graft and corruption in epidemic proportions.

The solution could be the establishment of a revolutionary government. It is plain and simple – establish a revolutionary government. When you organize a revolutionary or constitutional transition government, the government is the law and the leader or the leaders are the lawgivers. There are definitive limits to such a government – vision, human values, commitment to God and country, discipline, integrity and conscience. This is the only way to bring better lives to our people where equality, freedom and justice prevail. It has been long in coming. When that is done in two years or more, perhaps Duterte is right that he won’t be needed anymore and he could resign to give way to new rulers to establish order and harmony which are not his forte.


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