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Duterte: Robredo, Successor in the Constitution but Threatened by Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President dismisses the self-proclamation of Ely Pamatong. Du30 says that under the constitution, it is only Leni Robredo who can replace him should the presidency becomes vacant. Robredo is facing an election protest before the Supreme Court’s PET by Bongbong Marcos. So it’s like saying, it’s Robredo until Marcos’ case is resolved.

Youtube video from; GMA News
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Legitimate Successor

Du30 said that Vice President Leni Robredo is the only legitimate successor to the presidency as provided for in the Constitution. As a noted Democrat, the president has to assure the public that the elected successor’s rights must be preserved and secured. However, democracy also dictates that each vote must be counted. So, Robredo is next in line until the recount of Marcos’ electoral protest says otherwise.

Pretender of the Throne

The self-proclamation of lawyer Ely Pamatong as the President of the Philippines is taken humorously by the President. He said Pamatong was “pretender to the throne. He acknowledges that there is a pretender to the throne, assuming that he dies soon. Du30 said this in his speech during the celebration of the 120th founding anniversary of the Presidential Security Group or PSG.

Two Claimants

There are two claimants to the presidency. One already organizes to take over. He is Presidential candidate Amato or Pamatong. It is evident in social media that he indeed intends to take over. However, his announcements are like fake news to netizens. Don’t be mistaken, the president warns the crowd. It’s only Robredo who is the legitimate claimant to the presidency, he added.

It’s Robredo but Electoral Protest Underway

The preliminary conference of Marcos’ electoral protest is finally set in motion on July 11. All these conflicts in Congress about her sister, Gov. Imee Marcos’ Ilocos 6 are somewhat in connection to the presidential succession issue. Perhaps, this is the President’s way of easing the tension. It is clear that some politicians in the Du30 administration are anti-Bongbong Marcos. The question is, who is greater – the anti or the pro?