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Duterte says Goodbye to America in front of the Chinese in Beijing


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte says Goodbye to a long time ally and friend, the United States of America during his state visit in China. He clarifies that the separation will not be in terms of military assistance only but also in relations to the economy. He was applauded by the Chinese audience.

Youtube video by: Sopo Jarwo

[VIDEO]: The video shows President Duterte announcing his separation from the United States after he was presented to the audience in Beijing in Chinese.

US’s stay in the Philippines is only for their Good

Duterte stresses that finally, he has decided to cut the economic and military cooperation of the two countries because for such a long time, America is only benefiting from their stay in the Philippines.

Another economy to support for China

The President humbly said that from now on, the country will be dependent to China – but will also do its part to pay back the assistance like how the Chinese extended their kindness to the Philippines. He also mentioned that even America owed China money.

13 MOA Signed

The Presidential Team signed 13 Memorandum of Agreements in the areas of the military, foreign trade, investments,fisheries and tourism. No mention about the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea dispute.

China Lifts Ban on Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourists can now freely enjoy tourism in the Philippines. It’s estimated that each one of them will spend at least US$1,000 for shopping alone which can push the economy forward. Duterte also hinted about the loan needed for Philippine infrastructure. Is change really happening now? What about the referendum before aligning the country with another alliance?

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