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Some Duterte Supporters disgusted over his “low class” attack on De Lima


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is really true that a president who will divide a nation is not the leader that can lead the country into progress – but into chaos instead. President Rodrigo Duterte may be overjoyed that he has gotten back to Senator Leila De Lima’s senate inquiry on his triggering extra judicial killing by delving into her sex life – but little did he know that everything back fired on him. The irony of it all is that – he has attempted a grievous character assassination with the lady senator but as a result, even some of his supporters are now ashamed that they voted for him.

Many netizens criticized his childish ways when addressing issues contrary to what he is promoting. He would call his detractors names, swear at them and hit them with scandalous comments that are unacceptable when you are holding the top office of a country.

Anyone who expressed criticisms over the killings that are happening nationwide as the result of his inciting no mercy remedies for illegal drug offenders, gets a “below the belt” blow from him – that gives people the idea that his followers are same old and dirty men and women like him, thus leading them to squeal over social media that they do not support such behavior of the president.

Character doubts on Duterte now looming his ability to lead the Philippines to progress. Many said that he is far too bad mouthed to be the representative of a conservative country. Some is doubting how could be a lawyer answer allegations thrown at him by bullying them around? That would not definitely stand in court and if he continues his way, it will be sooner rather than later that Filipinos will have a new leader with the series of warnings that the United Nations issued against his wrong doings. This time, Duterte gets very little sympathy from peace-loving Filipinos. Shame to those who voted for him.


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