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Duterte threatened Endo Practicing Companies – but there are exceptions

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte’s harsh call to companies that are utilizing contractualization or ENDO – end of contract imposition to casual staff when the need for that particular employee stops despite completing the 3 to 6 months probation period for sure is intended for good outcome. However, if that is the case, many employers will resort to not hiring temporary staff anymore unless the business is really going out of hand.

The president urged employers not to wait for Secretary Bello or Silvestre “Bebot” Bello interferance because if it will come to his knowledge, he will immediately order closures of plants that normally practice the contractualization process because their business is seasonal. It is true also that many laborers, service and security personnel are serving more than the standard number of hours despite not earning the minimum wage – because these establishments will have to plan their staffing also because their clients cannot afford the right price.

Security guards alone in many middle class villages, their wages are below the minimum rate minus all the deductions for government fees like SSS, Philhealth etc. but this is because many home owners cannot pay higher monthly dues than the standard 300 to 700 Pesos per month.

President Duterte made it look like it’s bad that security agencies are owned by military men when in fact, it is to the advantage of their clients. They have access to proper training and the tools needed not to mention weapons that will aid security guards in doing their daily tasks. It is good that the President is urging these businesses to follow the labor law, pay minimum wages and advise employees to report unlawful practices by calling the national emergency hotline 911 and citizen complaint hotline number 8888 – and he will make sure that the agency involved will have its permit cancelled.

Although the government spent billions on Technical Education and Skills Development to provide citizens with the skills needed, those are still not enough because not all people can have the same capabilities. Although he promised during the campaign that he will abolish contractualization, Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre “Bebot” Bello was right saing; “there will be no total abolition of contractualization under the Duterte administration as there will be exceptions.”

The work force must then check these exceptions first before making a complaint – because they might lose their job without compensation if they piss off their bosses.


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