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Duterte’s Bad Words can bring him to Courts: Gordon

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is a pity that President Rodrigo Duterte does not take Senator Richard Gordon’s advice recently. He has to be careful with his words because bad words can take him to International Criminal Courts or any courts of law for that matter.

[VIDEO]: Senator Richard Gordon warns the President to be careful with the way he talks. He can be charged by the International courts or any court with his words alone.

Duterte’s Fall

SENATOR Richard “Dick” Gordon urged President Rodrigo Duterte to stop threatening to kill drug dealers in his anti-crime campaign, admonishing him to watch his public utterances which are leading him to “fall on his own sword.”

Senator Leila De Lima’s Announcement

On her speech in front of students and educators of her Alma Mater, Senator De Lima discloses that it will just be a matter of time before the ICC would determine if there’s probable cause of the reported extra judicial killings in the country against the government.

Do not Threaten Criminals

While it is right for the President to show his desire to end the drug menace, the senator said it is wrong for him to threaten drug pushers and users with death.

Condemned for the way he talks

The President has earned international condemnation for his statements encouraging the killing of drug users and pushers, as well as his use of vulgar language and curse words against those who question his method in dealing with the illegal drug problem. His words alone that are inciting to killings are a crime against humanity.

Duterte ‘falling on his own sword’

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