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Duterte’s Bihomadu Geared Up against Aquino, Roxas, Comelec, Smartmatic and their Minions

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s now Bihomadu and the Filipino people’s fight as coordinated by Teddy Boy Locsin, Boy Saycon, Gus Lagman against Aquino, Roxas, Comelec, Smartmatic and their minions – in proving election fraud with physical evidences to exercise rule of law despite the quick process of resolving election cheating issues that left the Vice Presidency hanging.

This professionally organized group believes that there will be no let up in this crusade for truth until all those responsible for the carnage of our country’s moral fiber are either jailed or punished by musketry.

The president’s message is clear that he will punish election violators and remove undeserving officials from his administration immediately after proving that they indeed took part in the massive cheating during the last May 9, 2016 election or worst, masterminded it. The group will secure the president’s possible drastic act in punishing them by backing all accusations with solid evidences – that would not give chance to the media in accusing Duterte with human rights violations.


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