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Duterte’s Open Alliance with Russia Follows Marcos’ Ideology


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who vows to bring back the dignity, identity, and self-reliance of Filipinos forged an open alliance with Russia. Despite not realigning any foreign policy with the new alliance yet, Russian warships already visit the country.

Youtube video by; 24Oras Nakatutok
[VIDEO]: JUST IN! Two Russian Navy Warships Arrive In Manila!

Marcos’ Foreign Policy

The Marcos years, from 1965 to 1986, show relevant policy innovations. The late President Ferdinand Marcos redefines foreign policy as the safeguarding of territorial integrity and national dignity. He spearheads “Asianness”. In 1967, the Philippines launches a regional association with other Southeast Asian countries called the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN. The Philippines also normalizes economic and diplomatic ties with China and the USSR or Russia.

Duterte is not into Rating

Duterte welcomes investment and undermines rating agency Standard poor concerns about the Philippine economy under his watch. He opens up to Russia for business, alliances of trade and commerce. The peso recently drops to its lowest since 2009, and foreign investors have dump local shares for six straight weeks. But Duterte’s 8 out of 10 Filipinos trust rating allows him to do what is right according to his own discretion.

US-Philippines Ties Remain Strong

State Department spokesman Mark Toner says that the U.S. cooperation with the Philippine government remains strong and the United States has not seen anything that would indicate a shift by Manila, Toner said at a daily news briefing.

Military and Economic Collaboration

Duterte is confident that his country could ask Russia for military support, including arms purchases, in lieu of the U.S. Mikhailov also said that Russia would look to increase involvement in the South China Sea. This is where the islands and shoals are subject to competing claims from China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei.

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