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Duterte’s shoot-to-kill order purely illegal – and he must be impeached


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte “shoot-to-kill” order is clearly against the Philippine constitution and the universal human rights laws. He indirectly but clearly mandated the justice process by saying not to investigate any police officers involved in public complaints. “For as long as it is done in the performance of the duty by the police and soldiers, that is my responsibility, that is my official and personal guarantee,” he said. However, his one life cannot pay for the many that he caused to vanish prematurely.

When asked to clarify the shoot-to-kill order he imposed, he blatantly said that when a law enforcer fires, he or she should make sure that the alleged culprit is killed so as not to waste a bullet!

It is evident that the Philippines has now been ruled by a leader who is blood-thirsty that even his own words only can implicate him with human rights violation. The way he spoke about his orders, the announcing of so-called drug criminals before conviction and turning a blind eye on police brutality are not just grounds for impeachment but he is making himself a candidate of eviction from his own country by international bodies like the United Nations.

Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said Duterte’s statement on “narco-politicians is congruent with government policy on maintaining and protecting peace and order in the nation.” “He has given due and ample notice that the clear and present danger of drugs engulfing the nation will be addressed and law enforcers will neutralize those who resist or endanger the lives of arresting officers,” he said. Abella’s words can serve as statements or opinions from a political prostitute that only echo the boss’s wants without respecting laws.


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