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Duterte’s Silence is Met up with the U.S.’s Quiet Diplomacy

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The United States woould like to address the wrong presumption that the world leader is causing conflicts in the South China Sea by aggressively urging other Asian Nations to rally against its common territorial enemy, China. Instead, they clarified not to capitalize on the Tribunal ruling that rejected China’s claims to go into war.

Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and other Asian nations are directed not to be emotional in planning their defenses against China. Defense Secretary Ash Carter together with Secretary of State John Kerry and other senior officials already deployed U.S. ambassadors of goodwill to the different U.S. embassies to guide their counterparts into realizing this peaceful diplomatic moves that should influence China not to insist their beliefs by force.

Since China has no historic rights to the area within its self-declared nine-dash line, Taiwan automatically did not gain sovereignty over Itu Aba – leading President Tsai Ing-wen to send sailors in warships to defend Taiwan’s maritime territory which was interpreted as helping mainland China in their attempt to start a war as they showed their discontent with the U.N.’s decission. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte opted to be quiet for the time being despite Filipino fishermen being harassed by Chinese coast guard while making their livelihood in the Philippine territory – believing that neutrality is the key to pacify the Chinese aggression and the American’s intention to preserve the significance of international laws to attain world peace now and in the future.


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