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Duterte’s Team must use Pnoy’s Economic Success for People’s Benefit

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte’s economic team is the best witness for the truth that the Aquino administration left an economy that is strong and stable to them. There were no criticisms on how former President Aquino dealt with the businessmen that were the drivers of the economy during his time. In fact, he had invested so much in them that other sectors like OFWs, the urban poor and public services sufferred tremendously thus resulting to the protest votes against him that put Duterte into power.

It cannot be denied that major economic elements – monetary and fiscal-wise are in order. The continuous credit-rating upgrades by top leading international credit-rating bodies helped a lot in boosting the country’s economic status.

The Philippine government and its accredited corporate issuers are currently enjoying investment-grade status in international markets – so further loans for emergency purposes cannot be denied especially that the country is facing security threats on West Philippine Sea sovereignty. Since our economy was well managed by former President Aquino despite neglecting the poor, it is now Duterte’s chance to prove its worth by using it significantly for the good of the masses that the previous government deprived them of – on their efforts to rescue the ailing economy.


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