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Duterte’s UN Watch is a sure hit for Model United Nations Role Play

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Model UN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates to theUnited Nations . As a colorful guy, President Rodrigo Duterte’s way will certainly bring laughter and passion to the event. This is a fascinating way for students to learn about our involvement with the United Nations.

[VIDEO]: This video shows the run through of events that prompted President Rodrigo Duterte to respond that he might be pulling out from the UN, EU and stay away from America.

Invitation to the UN

Malacañang confirms it is inviting the UN “to investigate deaths linked to the war on drugs” in the country. The letter was sent on September 26. “Executive Secretary Medialdea said the Palace has sent its invitation to UN special rapporteur Agnes Callamard and is awaiting her response.”

Drug War under UN Watch

According to the Philippine National Police, 1,390 suspected drug personalities who violently resisted arrest were killed in police operations. While 2,007 are classified as “deaths under investigation” or those believed to be vigilante killings.

Duterte’s UN Criticisms are Exciting Scenes for Model United Nations Role Play

President Duterte had criticized the UN and other world leaders for publicly speaking out against these killings. He says that they should have instead coursed their complaints through proper diplomatic channels.

Inciting Killings not Extra-Judicial

Duterte’s inviting the UN may or may not prove that he has something to do with the extra-judicial killings that resulted from his drug war campaign. However, the UN’s point is that – he clearly is inciting to the killings. Meaning, he inspires vigilantes to take revenge or shut someone up who knows about their illegal activities.

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