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Duterte’s Win is a Visayan Protest against the Elites

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Visayan-speaking people were always wondering why the national language, Filipino was based on Tagalog when majority of real Filipinos are Visayan speaking or Bisaya? This can be traced back to the Spanish occupation in the Philippines that lasted more than two centuries. The numads or local people in the country were preceived as low class – and the high class were the Spanish-Filipinos or Kunios.

As cross marriages continued between the local people and foreign occupants, the Kunios also evolved into: Filipino-Chinese, Fil-Am and other mixes. Since mixed bloods are fairer and look richer because of international opportunities if they are, many people looked down on the Bisaya or Visayan-speaking citizens – despite many Visayans becoming mixed bloods as well but never stopped speaking Bisaya to express themeselves better and happier.

Criticisms against President-elect Rodrigo Duterte normally came from the Kunio type writers – such as the one from Manila Times as provided in the link below. If the Bisaya culture is foreign to you, you will agree with him but if you know your roots very well, you can say that he should be ashamed of himself. Although you cannot contest an opinion, this is my view. President Duterte is not only Bisaya. Remember that he is also a “Roa” a Kunio at that – but his remaining into his “numad” culture made him so popular among fellow Bisaya or the majority of Filipinos with Visayan roots, thus his win is the Bisaya speaking…it’s our turn now, get out of the way!


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