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EDSA Revolution Signifies the Humanitarian Nature of Marcos – and the Tyranny of Cory Aquino

EDSA revolution

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Gringo Honasan who led RAM during the EDSA revolution has the same goal as Senator Juan Ponce Enrile. This is for the late Ferdinand E. Marcos to step down for the safety of his family – and to prevent bloodshed among Filipino revolutionists who most of them do not really know what People Power is for. Marcos consents to this plan for the welfare of the Filipinos. This is contrary to Cory Aquino’s revenge to the group of Honasan. She asks the CIA to air strike them but the Americans refuse because civilians can die also.

Youtube video by; Philippines Uncensored
[VIDEO]: CIA Documents! Cory Aquino BINALAK IPAPATAY ang mga PILIPINO

Honasan and Enrile Dismay on the Installation of Cory Aquino after EDSA Revolution

Both Senators Honasan and Enrile do not regret their moves during EDSA Revolution. They have the blessing of Marcos and it is not true that they betrayed him. What’s ironic for them is the installation of Cory Aquino as president and her party to dominate the political scene. She is just supposed to be a symbolic leader that must not get involved in the governance since she knows nothing about it – which she admits.

Cover Up

The Liberal Party is successful in their cover up with the bloodiest tyranny and economic disaster that befall the Philippines during the Aquino regime. Clever and consistent propaganda against the Marcos family and their cronies overwhelm the truth that it is Cory Aquino and her followers are the tyrant dictators and not Marcos.

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Symbolic Return of Ninoy Aquino

Ninoy Aquino’s arrival is the symbolic return of the traditional ruling elite and the dynastic families that challenge Marcos. The dynastic families are the oppressive landowners and industrialists since Spanish times. They claim to be of Spanish lineage and to be the true owners of the Philippines by right of conquest. They draw intensive support from the very powerful and most wealthy Chinese -Filipino community.

Duterte-Marcos Force

Now that the Liberal Party intensifies their moves to oust the President, The Bihomadu or Binay, Honasan, Marcos and Duterte alliance also fuse their forces together. This is to show that majority of Filipinos are fed-up with the yellow faction. They must stop using the church, students, and government officials in destabilizing the country. Huge pro-Duterte gatherings are expected at Quirino grandstand (Luneta) and overseas through the Bongbong Marcos Groups worldwide. Pastor Boy Saycon from the Binay camp’s interview on PTV4 highlights the mistakes of EDSA.