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Edsa Twist: Marcos Refrained from Bombing Mutineers for Love – Robredo Calls on the Church for Hate


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Marcos loyalist Cherry Cobarrubias attests that the late Ferdinand E. Marcos sent a message to Senator Juan Ponce Enrile through her in tears while she visits the Marcoses in Hawaii. He said that they could have easily bombed the mutineers during the EDSA mutiny but refrained from doing so because Marcos loves Enrile. This is contrary to the calls of Vice President Leni Robredo to church officials and patrons. She encourages them to speak out and rebel to the administration.

Youtube video by; TODAYonline
[VIDEO]: The Philippine church has called out the president for his alleged deadly war on drugs. In retaliation, he tells them to take crystal meth in order to “understand” the situation.

Pocket Mutiny

Cherry Cobarrubias, the first Marcos emissary from Hawaii refers to the People Powers Revolution as a pocket enemy. It is launched by some military men headed by Enrile and Senator Gringo Honasan to ask the late Marcos to step down from power to save the country from chaos. It is never the intention to install Cory Aquino as president. Former president Fidel V. Ramos only joins in for his own agenda. Other factions then ride on to the situation using the church to gain political power. They are today’s Liberal Party. The media magnifies the event and makes it look like millions of Filipinos revolt against the Marcos regime. The estimate she said is just around 50 to 100,000 people.

100,000 vs 4m People at Edsa according to Leah Navarro

Leah Navarro, an activist disputes Cobarrubias’ claims. Her estimate is around 4 million. She allegedly fought for freedom from military abuses, media control, and corruption – but the ironic thing is, she supports the oligarchs headed by the Aquinos who are the masterminds of the communist revolution in the country. They shout for democracy when the practice communism.

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Marcos is not a Dictator

Like what Enrile said; if Marcos is a dictator why the presidents after him follow all his presidential decrees? Does that mean they are dictators too? Don’t they have the political will or wisdom to change those decrees if they really are authoritarian rules? Some claim that they just respect the existing laws. How could they do that when they do not even give credit to the one who passed those laws for the good of the people?

Wrongdoings of the President, VP Robredo?

Vice President Leni Robredo takes advantage of her countrymen who look up to the Church for guidance. She divulges that families tell the Office of the Vice President that they want to seek justice for their slain loved ones. However, they are too afraid because of their safety. Why does the VP assume that it’s the President who is at fault? Where is the love?

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