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Effective Relationships are Drivers of Business Successes

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Good leadership capability is rated on how well leaders can build effective relationships with their peers, superiors and principals.
Engagements, retention and discretionary efforts are enhanced by positive relations inside the work place. It is a basic human need to belong with a great sense of purpose. When the things that you’re doing are relevant with your purpose, you can surely live a meaningful life and that brings joy while working.

This topic has gained greater importance in the past few decades as the nature of organizations has been transformed. The nature of the relationships that made a traditional hierarchy function well is dramatically different from one that makes a flat, network, team-based organization work well. Full story here:

According to Zenger Folkman: In the new organization of today, with its greater emphasis on teams, networks, better information dissemination: the nature of relationships has changed. It is now important to develop relationships that elicit cooperation and encourage people to take initiative and act more independently.
Please join Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman as they share nine key ways to build effective relationships and work with others in a positive way.


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