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Effective Ways not to make your Pit Bull a hinder into your House Rental Task

Pit Bulls

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Enjoying Life with Pit Bulls

{VIDEO}: Pit Bulls are family members. Show to the world you have them – and be completely honest with your situation.

Urban living is already the trend these days. Pit Bulls never disappeared in the American way of life. Their friendly, bravery, being hardworking and worthy of respect beings would break an owner’s heart if they have to part. Life changes and owners may move to accommodate career advancement. Well, guess what? The Pit Bulls will just move along with their loving owners. House search for this matter would need some considerations.

Unfair Legislators

Removing and destroying innocent pets from their responsible families can happen in places like Denver. These are done by self-serving law makers. They come up with laws that benefit them – instead of adopting progressive policies that work to create safe and humane communities. It’s real that we have conflicting beliefs about our roles and responsibilities as stewards of our canine companions. Just don’t misuse power if you are in public office. It will reflect back to you.
Pit Bulls

Tenants can refuse Renters with Pit Bulls

Breed restrictions are not illegal. This is an issue that remains an obstacle for many dog owners – but cannot be changed overnight. Seeking out apartments, perhaps duplexes or houses that are owned privately by one person or maybe a small company can be more open to negotiation and discussion.

Show off you’re  being a Responsible Owner to your Gorgeous Pit Bull

Pictures can paint a thousand words so, show prospective landlords your pet Pit Bull’s album. The formal training it attended along with special recognitions or awards it accomplished will be very helpful. Your references must reflect that you do not have pending disputes with regards to living with your huge but adorable dog. Here are more tips:
Pit Bulls
1. Line up your activities as a responsible owner. Include regular supervision, exercise stints, socialization trips and most of all medical care.
2. Explain actual risk factors of pets that destroy property. Living without being neutered or spayed; not having enough exercise; unattended pets for long periods of time and especially when they are not treated as family.
3. Suggest that you are willing to pay an increased pet deposit or get rental insurance as assurance to the landlord.
4. Since Pit Bulls are “mixed breed”, call them that. Breed label can sometimes elevate the reputation of Pit Bulls to those not familiar with them.
5. Bring your dog to see the landlord to experience its good behavior in person.
6. Send the best picture of you both should meeting the landlord in person is not possible.
7. Do not forget to mention the compelling story on your great attachment with your dog. Dispelling negative impressions is a must because of the wrong perceptions about them.
8. Name the prominent pet organization you belong to for affiliation checking on you and your dog’s character.
Pit Bulls
In this house renting mission, you are also advocating in educating your landlord on the misjudged plights of Pit Bulls – seconded by your pet’s tail wagging resiliency. Hope that by doing so, you are inspiring others to take a second look at Pit Bulls as loyal companions.

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