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Elderly Bongbong Marcos Supporters Approve the President’s CPP-NPA Judgement



Elena Grace Flores

The President terminates the peace negotiations with the communists. Du30 said that he senses that they want to form a coalition government. It’s leader, Joma Sison calls Du30 a liar for saying this. However, it’s clear that communism was rejected by the people since the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. He declared Martial Law to save the country from their terrorist acts. Nowadays, the current President threatens to declare the Communist Party of the Philippines as a terrorist group. Communist leaders who are out on bail due to the peace talks should surrender. Bongbong Marcos’ elderly supporters who were witnesses of the CPP-NPA cruelty back then, back the Filipino leader up.

Video by; Kenneth Mico Panganiban

[VIDEO]: Enrile: The communists do not believe that people have souls so they just slaughter them like chickens.

Reality Check with the Elderly

Most of Bongbong Marcos’ supporters are the elderly. They are the ones who can testify how progressive their lives were during Martial Law. Only the elitists and business people who do not want to stop contractual laborers are against the namesake of the late President Marcos.  It is not a surprise why millennials think that the younger Marcos is cool. They believe their grandparents more than the most mainstream media.

Democratic Process

Martial Law was not declared by one man only. The majority of the members of the Congress and the Senate voted in its favor. This is not a dictatorship but democratic process. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Indonesia already have civil war during those times because of the forceful propagation of communism. Only the Philippines in Southeast Asia had the least number of casualties because of military rule. The rest of the countries followed suit.

Something to Thank the Late Marcos For

The opposition continuously defends the communism ideology. They said that they are not terrorists despite the damages they caused. CPP-NPA is like Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism. They are for equality of status. No rich or poor. That is why Filipino priests like Father Balweg and Luis Jalandoni were also attracted to it. This kind of radicalism infected the world during the Marcos era. Almost 75 million people have died around the world because of the fight to stop the communism recruitment. The Philippines did not become a communist because of the great leadership of ex-President Marcos.

Media Propaganda Against Marcos

The older Marcos rises into extreme popularity that made him unbeatable during elections. Presidential aspirants have to resort to media propaganda to malign his good reputation. Most media entities influenced by the Liberal Party have been fooling Filipinos for more than 30 years now. The rebel with the death penalty and who was conniving with the communists to topple Marcos was referred to as a hero. As a media man himself, the late Ninoy Aquino can only use his media connections to blame the soldiers for Martial Law abuses to discredit the President they served. His supporters even made Marcos liable for his death. If so, why can’t his wife and son find his real killer after their two consecutive terms as Presidents?

Marcos’ Golden Age is Enhanced by Aquino’s Dysfunctional Performance

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