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Election Cheating Conspiracy Theory: Carried out by Liberal to Block Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Hilario Andes
It is reported to the Brigade Headquarter that older yellow head maneuvered for the Liberals at region 8, Samar and Leyte areas cheating activities that was why why Bongbong Marcos has a very small margin over Leni Robredos in those mentioned areas. An old man in the Aquino clan and somebody from a government agency plus other presidential communications operations officials operated a VCM based at Malacanang so that the said machine also transmitted votes just like the BEIs in the towns and cities. This is indeed pathetic as evidences on hand are pointing into these directions and will be concluded at the soonest as developments unfold.

The challenge is this; there is a log or a record of the Malacanang transmissions, a very devilish one, that shows evidence that Malacanang in fact the center of the cheating. Days ago, it was relayed to us that there were papers ordered to be shredded. Then two groups operated the most expensive and most immoral act ever recorded in Philippine post war history – the Aquino group who moved heaven and earth to block Bongbong Marcos to become Vice President was basically executed by these mentioned Liberal groups.

It has been concluded that the ultimate goal of the major election cheating is to stop Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. to be closer to the presidency in 2022!

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