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Enrile is NOT a Traitor to Ferdinand Marcos but the Keeper of his Legacy


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Elena Grace Flores

Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is often portrayed as the villain against the late President Ferdinand Marcos. It is because of his role during the EDSA event. Many journalists ignore his explanations that all his actions were made with the blessings of Marcos who was more than a brother to him. At his ripe age, Enrile divulges the legacy of Marcos through interviews, documentaries, and manuscripts. The good leader’s diaries show the destabilization strategy of the deceased Ninoy Aquino. The “yellow” patriarch’s communism ideology, connivance with the leftists’ groups and media manipulation through the oligarchs are highlighted. Bongbong Marcos can only shed tears upon receiving these important pieces of the puzzle. Enrile now serves as the adviser of the Marcos siblings.

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[VIDEO]: Ninoy Aquino masterminded the insurgencies that triggered the martial law.

Human Rights Abuses by the PC

Most warrants of arrest during the Martial Law were ordered by Former President Fidel Ramos. He was PC Chief from 1970 to 1986. It was the PC’s top anti-subversive unit, the 5th Constabulary Security Unit that made such arrests were the ones responsible for beatings and torture. Prisoners including media personalities were incarcerated for nearly two years from early 1973 to Christmas 1974,  in  Camp Aguinaldo and Fort Bonifacio special prisons that were under the supervision of Martial Law administrator Enrile. Enrile got most of the blame but in the end, it was he who officially ordered their release, “in the spirit of reconciliation and Christmas,” to quote that particular kind of release order. What about Ramos?

Cory Aquino’s Misjudgements

If human rights violations during Martial Law were as horrible as what Noynoy Aquino claims, then why did his mother Cory Aquino appoint Ramos first as her AFP Chief of Staff? Then, Defense Secretary? She even fielded Ramos for the 1992 presidential race and threw government resources behind him. She lost her moral decency when she used Ramos as a shield to the seven coup attempts headed by now Senator Gringo Honasan who has high regard on Enrile. Honasan also backs and supports Bongbong Marcos as VP through the Binay Camp. That made her an opportunist.

Just the Beginning of Marcos’ Legacy

Now that Enrile already handed over the late Marcos’ diaries to his son, Bongbong Marcos, his legacy will continue. The younger leader needs to lead alongside with the President. However, he has to be mindful with the strategies of leftists and Liberal Party crusaders. The same pattern is evident as when these entities tried to destabilize his father’s government. Needless to say, such plots can only cease as soon as he becomes VP.

Election Protest Progress

Further delays on the recount happen as COMELEC’s request for additional time are granted by the Supreme Court twice. In spite of that, former Senator Marcos is still confident to finally get his post by the end of this year. VP Leni Robredo’s Camp cannot fathom where Marcos gets his confidence. They refer to it as mind-conditioning efforts. However, with the double impeachment happening against the COMELEC Chair and the Supreme Court Chief Justice, Filipinos can only guess what comes next.