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Enrile: Who Must Say Sorry for Martial Law Abuses – Imee Marcos or Fidel Ramos?

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Politicians play the blame game when it comes to who should take full responsibility for martial law abuses. It is true that the head of the nation must be accountable for what his men did – but it is unfair that he takes the blame alone or his family to be castigated without an admission from the one directly involved. If this protocol is missing then the late Ferdinand E. Marcos cannot be accused of such.

Youtube video from; Arman Gavino
[VIDEO]: Who’s to be blame on the brutality of Martial Law in the Philippines?

Enrile vs. Ramos

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile was the Secretary of National Defense while Fidel Ramos was head of the Philippine Constabulary. Both leaders were involved in the mutiny against Ferdinand Marcos for different reasons. Enrile remains loyal to Marcos and divulges that the late President had knowledge of the military action they chose to take to protect the then first family. He said that they had his blessings and decided to step down to avoid bloodshed. Ramos, on the other hand, only joined their picket on the day of the EDSA revolution to help install Cory Aquino to the presidency despite losing from Marcos.


When the remains of Marcos were buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in a “private and intimate” ceremony, various protests were observed from the opposition. They used alleged victims of atrocities during Martial Law to stage their pleas, and Ramos also urged the Marcoses to admit wrongdoing and apologize to the victims. This has raised eyebrows among people who are knowledgeable about martial law especially Enrile. Why would the direct culprit now shout for justice for such abuses without admitting the guilt first? Instead, he’s putting the blame unto the late Marcos’ children.

Imee Marcos vs. Ramos

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos said they cannot admit anything because they were still children when the atrocities were committed.”In my heart, if in any way you have hurt someone, you should say sorry even if it’s not intentional, even if it was not policy. It’s acceptable for me but the admission of guilt just won’t make sense. She continued saying that it should be Ramos who should apologize and admit his faults since he has direct command with the Philippine Constabulary.

Why Imee and not Bongbong Marcos?

It would be too obvious if critics urge Bongbong Marcos directly to apologize for martial law abuses than his older sister, Imee. People know that their detractors are only into destroying the younger Marcos’ potential for the presidency in the near future. Besides, Senator Enrile who was the administrator of martial law puts Ramos as the one directly responsible for such abuses. Even victims themselves testify that the order against them are signed by Ramos and not Marcos.

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