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Espinosa’s calling for son to Surrender, is a father’s admittance that he failed as family man


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Family mismanagement is the number one cause of drug addiction and its escalation as an illegal trade commodity. Take the case of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. case who tearfully appealed to his son, Kerwin, to surrender to for his alleged links to the illegal drug commerce. After turning himself in, he was assured that President Rodrigo Duterte and PNP Chief Roland dela Rosa will help them in facilitating due process.

Young Espinosa was traced to have fled the country by going to Malaysia before Duterte became president and his father did not have knowledge on this. The older Espinosa signed an affidavit, saying that his son is involved in drug trafficking but denied that he has something to do with it. The mayor might only be implicated in his son’s alleged illegal drug involvement but it is his failure as a father that made this too difficult for him.

Espinosa might be a mayor, the father of a city but has delved his son into this kind of doing. Perhaps a study can be conducted as to why this kind of situations is prompted before judging him – because no father could ever dream of having an outlaw son – then we will know how to go forward in rearing our children.


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