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Why Do Europeans End Up Supporting PDu30’s Drug War Despite His Hitler Image?

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Du30 possesses the personality type and social reception of Hitler. This makes Europeans nervous. He is charismatic, popular, and strong-willed. The same qualities possessed by Germany’s Hitler, Italy’s Mussolini, Romania’s Ceausescu, Russia’s Stalin, and Yugoslavia’s Miloševic. These Europeans under the European Union criticize and condemn the president previously based on false information but now, but now, they support him on his drug war.

Youtube video from; Eagle News
[VIDEO]: Handang magbigay ng suporta ang European Union (EU) sa pinaigting na kampanya ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte laban sa iligal na droga sa Pilipinas.

European Trauma

Sometimes, the emotional trauma of Europeans takes over their rational thinking. It makes them disregard difference in context.  They evaluate other political communities according to their own history. Since Hitler is the most familiar to non-Europeans. The mass killing of the Jews by the Nazis remains a raw memory. To deny that the Holocaust happened could get you fined and imprisoned in some countries.

Hitler-Like Personalities

Europe’s trauma with Hitler-like personalities, any leader compared to him triggers European suspicion, disgust, and eventually condemnation. Antone Christianson-Galina said: “When any leader of the free world is faced with a ‘Hitler,’ the only rational choice is to depose the ‘Hitler’ before he destabilizes his region or commits a genocide. Dictators who are portrayed as Hitler often do not stay in power for long like Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi. The president is compared to Hitler even before he won in the presidential elections. Former President Benigno Aquino’s is very significant.

Ex-Pnoy’s Comparison

It matters in the international community as it was uttered by a President and son of the woman popularly known by world leaders as the champion of democracy. Du30’s response saying that he s happy to slaughter three million drug addicts just as Hitler killed three million Jews also did not help the situation. It rang alarm bells in Europe. The context of his statement was ignored. They just presumed that he wants to follow in the footsteps of Hitler. This kind of attitude just manifested like Christianson-Galina said, when faced with a Hitler, the ‘free world’ immediately thinks “he has to go.”

Humanitarian Violation Must Go but Drug War Continues

The truth eventually comes out no matter what. The majority of Filipinos support him by turning to social media to pour in their sentiments. The Philippine delegates to the UN also explained what is really happening in the country and what the president is doing to address them. Their own experts might fail to do their work in properly investigating the alleged drug war killings due to bureaucracy but a strong leader backed by his own people can never be toppled by false information.