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Ex-Pnoy’s 31st EDSA Gathering is Overpowered by the Almost Half a Million Pro-Admin Crowd at Quirino Grandstand and Still Counting

Quirino Grandstand

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

While the original EDSA revolution considered by Marcos loyalists as mere mutiny is a gathering of people with different agenda’s, the recent gathering for its 31st anniversary with the presence of ex-Pnoy is just a show of sentiments for the locking up of Senator Leila De Lima, extra-judicial killings accusations, and death penalty reminder according to the former president’s short interview. The exciting thing, however, is that in the early hours of Feb 25, 2017, there are already almost half a million people at Quirino grandstand showing support to President Digong and his policies.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: The President’s supporters from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao gather at the Quirino Grandstand to show their support to his policies. Organizers say that it is just a coincidence that it is launched at the same time as the 31st Anniversary of the People Power Revolution.

Many People Just Happened to be at the People Power Revolution

According to the gathered interviews, there are many people who just happen to participate in the People Power Revolution without knowing what it is for. Some met up in a bar, spent few hundreds of their school allowance, and went to EDSA to check it out at first. Then, their nationalistic spirit is triggered and the scenes that follow overwhelm them. In the end, they thought they are free from the complaints of Marcos’ detractors but find themselves in a worse situation under the Aquino regime.

Ex-Pnoy Ignores the Government’s Official EDSA Celebration

The rebellious nature of ex-Pnoy is shown in his presence at the EDSA gathering on Feb 25 but he is absent during the celebration organized by the administration on Feb 24. Anyhow, no Aquino is ever present in the People Power Revolution so his absence does not matter anymore. His regime is already over. All he can do is complain but he has no power to act in favor of his sentiments.

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The People at Quirino Grandstand is already Almost 500,000 and Still Counting

Almost half a million people are already at the Quirino grandstand early evening of Feb 25. DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre arrives ahead than his peers. A concert by different artists entertains the crowd while they are provided with rice porridge. The program is expected to last overnight. All are in high spirits to spend time from Feb 25 to 26 at the Luneta.

People’s Safety

Police and military visibility are felt in both the EDSA and Quirino Grandstand areas. So far, there’s no report of chaos yet except the commotion that happens near the American embassy which is in another vicinity and far from the two venues. Anti-American protesters are sprayed with water to disperse them earlier. The pro-administration gathering is also mirrored at Davao’s Rizal Park, various provinces, and overseas.

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