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Facebook Personal Donation and New Camera Features Aim to Stop Suicide


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Facebook introduced a new camera that gives users more options to share and enhance photos and videos. The new feature is compatible with iOS and about to be launched soon, The best part is, another functionality to raise money through GoFundMe is already integrated via FB to hopefully stop the rising rate of suicide especially among teens.

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[VIDEO]: – FB is adding more Snapchat-like features to its app. The company says it wants to let people’s cameras “do the talking” as more people are posting photos and videos instead of blocks of text.


On Thursday, the social network introduced a new personal fundraiser feature à la GoFundMe. FB users will be able to create donation pages to raise money for things like tuition money, medical procedures, and other emergencies. Read more:


FB’S TACTICAL ASSAULT on Snapchat is nearly complete. This morning, the big blue giant launched a trio of features: a fun new effects-filled camera that sits a swipe over from your News Feed; a place for disappearing stories; and a way to share straight from your camera to your friends. That’s a lot of words to say a simple thing: Facebook just launched Snapchat. You almost have to wonder if Evan Spiegel, Snap CEO and newly minted super-rich dude, feels just a little bit proud. Here’s more:

Almost Like Snapchat

FB Camera Effects = Snapchat Filters: According to a blog post, Facebook is rolling out “dozens” of special effects, like “masks, frames, and interactive filters” that users can add to their photos. It will also begin to add branded filters from movies geared toward kids and teens like “Despicable Me 3” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” These kinds of silly and light-hearted filters are core to the Snapchat experience, and a big reason why teens use it to communicate. Click here:

Noble Cause Using Technology

The Facebook camera offers a variety of filters, masks, frames, animations and other interactive elements. This is to visually decorate images and video just like in Snapchat. It allows users to integrate dynamic designs and a video and photos limited existence as needed. These tools are useful when fundraising as well. Each personal campaign is reviewed by Facebook staff for approval. Contacts can send money directly on Facebook using the installed payments facility. Facebook usually takes 5% processing and verification fee for charitable donations.

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