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Facts why Super Powers come to Philippines’ Aid on War with China

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
To preserve “freedom of navigation” is the common reason why America, Great Britain, Australia, Japan and even India already expressed their involvement in defending the Philippines versus it’s dispute with China over Scarborough Shoal sovereignty – but there are more important facts why they do not have the choice but come to the aid of the country as its defense force.

Although there’s no scarcity of oil from the Middle East, the maritime navigation route in delivering oil to the countries involved will be hampered by the oil spills of British Petroleum in the Gulf Coast that has spread towards the Gulf of Mexico. Earthquakes and floods already scattered the pollution along nearby areas that cannot be measured anymore. It only needs fire during a war that could ignite it – then the oil industry along these areas will be paralyzed. So they are badly in need of Philippines that can be the next source of oil after the Gulf Coast lines are busted.

It is very important that this early, Overseas Contract Workers must already start looking for a way to go back home. The time is ticking so fast now that the super powers are already enhancing their weaponry to be ready when China chooses not to follow the United Nations Tribunal ruling from the Hague which is expected within this month of June 2016.


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