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False Vindication: Primitivo Mijares’ Grandson Relaunches anti-Marcos Book without Checking Facts


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

JC Mijares Gurango, grandson of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ confidante, Primitivo Mijares never met his grandfather to personally hear the stories of Martial Law. But he puts it on himself to do something to allegedly preserve his grandfather’s sacrifice and legacy. At age 19, JC Mijares Gurango still has a lot to learn as a publisher.  One is the double check the facts in the book. Since he failed to do that, their presumed truths become lies as disputed by Martial Law architect himself, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Rappler talks to JC Mijares Gurango, the grandson of former Marcos propagandist Primitivo Mijares. Gurango shares his grandfather’s stories of what he calls the “conjugal dictatorship” of the late president Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda:

Primitivo Mijares’ Betrayal

Primitivo Mijares, is the media czar of the late strongman. As president of the National Press Club and chairman of the Media Advisory Council during the Marcos regime, Mijares serves as the strongman’s top propagandist while the government allegedly controlled the press that Marcos denies. He, however, turned his back against Marcos in 1975 and wrote the presumed scandals of his regime before a congressional committee in the United States. The same destabilization strategy of the late Ninoy Aquino.

Mijares’ Disappearance Blamed to Marcos

Mijares is the author of the book, Conjugal Dictatorship, which details his accounts of the Marcoses which could be wrong since it’s not Marcos but Enrile who knows the legal details of Martial Law very well. A year after the book is published in 1976, Mijares attempted to return to the Philippines but he mysteriously went missing. He’s never found. This can be the reason why the sentiments of the family are anti-Marcos without really knowing the whole truth.

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Enrile’s Accounts as Architect of Martial Law Dispute Mijares’ Claim

Enrile hails Marcos by saving the country from the communists through Martial Law.He continuous to correct the wrong beliefs until this time of his long life. The old man says that Marcos must is not to blame for abuses. Instead, he suggests to asks former president Fidel V. Ramos about it. He also said that Ninoy Aquino is really not pro-democracy but the brain for communism merger with the NPAs in the country. Gurango hopes his grandfather’s relaunched book may be reprinted to become resource materials in schools. History professor Jo Ed Tirol of the Ateneo de Manila University also crafts a Martial Law curriculum that is to be proposed to the Department of Education. Education Secretary Leonor Brioners commits to deepen the discussion of Martial Law in schools. Sounds like a Liberal Party effort in blocking Bongbong Marcos to the executive office.

Attempt to Influence the Youth

The young fellow believes that it is now his task for his generation to fight the alleged rewriting of history. Anti-Marcos groups are alerted on this issue when Marcos is granted a state burial in November last year. Next anti-Marcos campaign is to educate the youth with their own belief and not necessarily the truth. He wants other young people to appreciate about the anecdotes about the Marcoses that show their maligned character, which can only be told by the traitor of the former president.


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