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Fariñas, Marcos Congress Conflict: Now Doing a “De Lima” to Bongbong Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Fariñas, Marcos conflict in Congres continues to heat up after Rep. Rodolfo C. Fariñas was declared “persona non grata” in his hometown by the elected board members of the province. The House now retaliates by hitting Bongbong Marcos back for advising sister, Gov. Imee Marcos not to attend the hearing for alleged obstruction of justice – just like in the case of Senator Leila de Lima.

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[VIDEO]: The House of Representatives is already preparing the room where Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos may be detained if she snubs a House hearing on July 25 despite a subpoena.

 Constitutional Rights

Fariñas said that the Board Members’ move would not disrupt his work with his constituents. It would only affect those who voted for such he will file cases against them for damages for alleged violation of his constitutional rights. He also said that it is a violation of the Anti-Graft & Corrupt Practices Act for causing him o undue injury thru evident bad faith.

Invite is a Trap

Fariñas said the Foton mini-trucks’ in the public documents “is a clear case of falsification of public documents. He dares Marcos and the Ilocos 6 to bring to Congress the multi-cab supplier. Marcos already sent the committee chaired by Rep. Johnny Pimentel two letters to assert that the purchase was legal. They just want her to appear on July 25 and defend herself under oath. However, Bongbong Marcos thinks that it is a trap. They can easily humiliate or detain her once she shows up for possible media propaganda.

Reputation of Congress

Netizens are very dismayed with what some congressmen are doing these days. Instead of taking care of the people’s welfare through effective creation of laws, they tend to act like judges which are beyond their jurisdiction. They have one of the highest expenditure in the government but because of the Ilocos 6 case, the citizens of the Philippines have the impression that they are just using the Congress for their own political interest.

Chance to Shine

Bongbong Marcos, on the other hand, is too wise not to know that he can be charged with obstruction of justice for his advice to his sister. But instead of being discreet about it, Gov. Imee Marcos announced it through a press conference. Something is definitely cooking here. At this point, there are no facts yet to support a positive speculation in favor of the Marcoses.

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