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Fariñas’ Persona Non Grata: He’s Not Welcome in his Hometown


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Rep. Fariñas really don’t get it. There’s no need to lecture the Ilocos Norte province for declaring “Persona Non-Grata” against him. It simply means he’s not welcome in his hometown after all he has done to his own people. A real defender of the people’s rights would do everything not to deprive them of their freedom. Discrediting an elected leader is the work of a power abusive lawmaker who blames the law for his own wrong doings.

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: SONA: House Majority Floor leader Rodolfo Fariñas, itinuring na persona non grata sa Ilocos Norte

Provincial Board Resolution

Ilocos Norte 1st District Representative Rodolfo Fariñas, the Majority Leader of the House, was declared persona non grata in his own province recently. Eight members of the Provincial Board voted in favor of Resolution Number 2017-06081. It was sponsored by Provincial Board Member Vicentito Lazo and Vice Governor Angelo Marcos Barba.

Rift with the Governor

The Ilocos Norte officials approved the resolution due to Fariñas’ torture to the Ilocos 6. They are public officials of Governor Imee Marcos. The House committee investigates the alleged misuse of P66.45 million worth of Ilocos Norte tobacco funds to purchase motor vehicles. Fariñas initiated the probe with Representative Aurelio Gonzales Jr and Representative Juan Pablo Bondoc even if two of his family members were among the local leaders who requested the purchase due to the urgent need of the barangays.

Persona Non-Grata

Ilocos Norte Provincial Board Member Da Vinci Crisostomo said that the persona non grata status means Fariñas is an “unwelcome person.” However, he can still enter the province. Maybe at his own risk given that he really disappoints many Ilocanos for his undemocratic actions just to prosecute his political enemy. The province just probably wants him safe because the opposition can always blame it on the current local administration if something bad happens to him.

Democratic Action

The declaration is in the form of a resolution. Under the parliamentary rules, it is a manifestation or expression of the people’s feelings towards the person. So, the Provincial Board who were directly elected by the people of the province of Ilocos Norte represents its constituents to express their sentiments.

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