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The Feasibility of Bongbong Marcos – Ping Lacson Tandem Even without Election


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Ping Lacson may have a mind of his own – and not at all dependent on his political party but he is noted to be a Pro-Marcos lawmaker. The feasibility of him ending up as VP of Bongbong Marcos is great. This is good because despite his support for the administration, he does not tolerate issues that are mishandled by the president at times. He was in favor of the Marcos burial as well as the death penalty but disagreed with PDU30 when he blamed the alleged big “lobby money” for Gina Lopez’s rejection as DENR secretary.

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No to Aquino’s Bribery

Lacson voted to convict the late Chief Justice Renato Corona but rejected the alleged bribe from then former President Noynoy Aquino. The three other senator-judges who rejected the bribe and voted to acquit Corona were Bongbong Marcos who can be the new Vice President if he wins his electoral protest against Leni Robredo; the late former Senator Joker Arroyo and the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Principled Senator

Lacson is a good example to his colleagues who maintains his political independence without being hostile to the President. While in support of the President, Lacson managed to keep himself at a distance. He does not hesitate to disagree with the Du30 whenever he believes the latter is wrong. He also does not embarrass him or inflict any unnecessary injuries to the Filipino leader.

Pro-Death Penalty and Others

Lacson supports the death penalty. The government expects its legalization to soften public condemnation of the drug killings. This makes Lacson an important ally of the President, the same as Marcos. Senators Lacson and Bam” Aquino met with Senator Koko Pimentel in Tokyo recently. The latter reportedly agreed to deliver the Senate presidency to Lacson.

Political Path

If Lacson takes over the Senate presidency, a decisive change in the Senate leadership can be expected. As Senate President, Lacson would be presiding over the impeachment trial of the President which is difficult to prosper. Vice President Leni Robredo can lose against Marcos in the electoral protest than be impeached. When that happens, Marcos can already assume as Vice President. If Du30 is true to his promise to give up the presidency to Marcos, Senator Lacson can directly succeed as Vice President since the Senate President is next in line to the second highest position of the land. Thereby, the feasibility of a Marcos – Lacson tandem is high eve without an election.

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