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Feb 8 VP Election Recount Postponed: Bongbong Marcos’ Supporters about to become Warriors at Supreme Court

VP Election Recount

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Elena Grace Flores

Crowds cheer as Bongbong Marcos shows up at the February 8 Supreme Court protest venue for the VP election recount.  He urges everyone to stay calm and be respectful of the law as he follows the mandate of the PET. He stresses that the group is about to become warriors should March 19 is again postponed.

Youtube Video by; PagBabago Ng Pinas

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos’ supporters gathered at the Supreme Court grounds to peacefully protest on the postponed February 8 recount.

Protest Watch Rally

Right after disclosing that both camps have no pending motions Marcos loyalists to stage a protest watch rally from February 7, 2018, from 5:00 PM to the next day, February 8, 2018, in front of the Supreme Court. They said that some of the President’s supporters are also there.

Discrepancies in the Actual Replica

The technical and legal team of Bongbong Marcos’ Camp discloses that after reviewing the decrypted ballot images in Camarines Norte for a week after receiving them from the PET, discrepancies were found. The soft copies of ballots during the last election have squares on them instead of the oval prints in the original.

Expression of Disappointment

Marcos joins his supporters at the Supreme Court to express disappointment over the delay in the start of the recount. Whereas Robredo’s counsel Atty. Romulo Macalintal earlier said that Marcos’ failure to show up at the venue of signing a joint motion to withdraw all their pending motions was an indication that the former senator was bluffing about his offer.

Robredo’s Camp Deceives the People

During the exchanges of reasonings between Atty. Vic Rodriguez for Bongbong Marcos and Atty. Bernadette Sardillo from VP Leni Robredo’s camp, it was found out that both sides have no pending motions. However, Marcos signed a joint manifestation not to file any motion in the future to show his commitment to fast-tracking the recount. Robredo, on the other hand, did not sign the joint motion first. It was Macalintal who initially signed it.

Bongbong skeptical about Leni’s joint motion offer

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