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Do you feel safe with Cardboard Administration of Justice?

administration of justice

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Not only drug users and pushers feel unsafe with the ongoing drug war. Law-abiding Filipinos who are usually on the road are also affected with fear. The case of mistaken identity seems to be getting popular.

[VIDEO]: Look through how cardboard justice is done alleging that the victims are drug criminals anyway. No one should die like this – criminal or not

War on Drugs

Lifeless bodies lying on the streets of the Philippines are a visceral sign of new President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. So far more than 1,900 people have died. Of those more than 700 have been killed in police operations since Duterte took office in late June, according to police statistics. Many of the unsolved deaths are attributed to vigilantes.

Senate Inquiry on Mistakes

A senate inquiry is ongoing into the police and the extrajudicial killings. Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa told the committee there was no shoot to kill order, but people are happy with what the police are doing, despite mistakes by officers.

Fear for Telling the Truth: Administration of Justice

“Those policemen might kill us once we spoke out the truth,” Janie tells CNN’s Ivan Watson. “I said to myself, they have the license to kill already;” Janie says that President Duterte’s rhetoric has created a climate where the cops feel they can act without fear of retribution, official or otherwise. Janie’s brother was slain by cops alleging that he resisted arrest. She detests the government’s administration of justice.

Raffy Lerma, a photographer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer,

Lerma says he’s seen more deaths since President Duterte’s war on drugs began in June, than he did in an entire year covering the overnight crime beat as a rookie photographer 10 years ago. “I want drugs to stop but not how it’s being done. I’m not for killing people,” Lerma says. “The scary thing is that for every day that passes there will be more deaths. Can we take this for six years?” he asks, referring to the standard presidential term.

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