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Ferdinand E. Marcos’ Trustee Can Divulge Only A Part of the Secured Wealth


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Elena Grace Flores

Philippine President Du30 never said that the family of the late Ferdinand Marcos indicates a willingness to return the alleged hidden wealth. He mentions that a spokesman or a trustee of Marcos offers a still-unspecified amount of money. This includes “a few gold bars” to help ease the government’s upcoming budget deficit. Du30 considers designating three people. A former Supreme Court chief justice is one of them. They can negotiate with the trustee over the assets.

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[VIDEO]: Duterte: Marcoses ready to return gold bars, portion of hidden wealth

Not Stolen but Secured

Du30 said that Marcos’ spokesman speaks to him about the intention. He refuses to identify him. It is a general knowledge that the Marcos estate is a separate entity from the family’s legitimate possessions. The trustee clarifies that the assets were not stolen. This is contrary to the accusations of Marcoses’ political opponents. They are for the welfare of the people.

Accepted Explanation of the Trustee

“I will accept the explanation, whether or not it is true,” the President said in a speech. They are “ready to open and bring back the assets including a few gold bars.” “It’s not that big, it’s not Fort Knox, it’s just a few but they said, they’ll return.” This is understandable because the big chunk of the assets was deposited in the World Bank. Various conditions must be met to allow the government to possess them.

Hidden Wealth is Secured

His widow, Rep. Imelda Marcos does is not aware of this development. The family does not have access to the secured wealth for the people. She, however, is the guardian of the gold shipping documents to various international banks designated by the World Bank. It is logical to say that once the family is in harmony with the government, all components including the trustee, World Bank, IMF and Central Bank can join together to resolve this issue. They can then decide on how to go about with this enormous wealth.

Intended Use of Funds

The secured funds were set aside for a long time. It waits for the right time to come. The trustee has no sole discretion to divulge all assets as per Marcos’ last will. He can only show proofs that they exist for a keepsake. The puzzle seems to point out to the now Representative Imelda Marcos. She remains positive despite her ripe age. This has something to do with her dream of Bongbong Marcos becoming President some day.

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