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If Ferdinand-Imelda is Conjugal Dictatorship, Digong-Marcos is Authoritarian Friendship?

conjugal dictatorship

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The late Primitivo Mijares who is a journalist who allegedly is the confidante of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos. He divulges in his book that martial law is not to save the country from communism but to extend the Marcos rule. The book is called Conjugal Dictatorship. It portrays the Marcos couple as tyrant partners in crime. In spite of that, Mijares is not in the position to know about martial law as much as Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who corrects the wrong facts he wrote. Marcos’ critics can only relaunch the book to discredit anybody in power who favors Bongbong Marcos.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: May 40 taon na matapos biglang mawala si Primitivo Mijares, ang “Malacanang Insider” na kumalas sa diktador na si Ferdinand Marcos. Nananatiling misteryo kung ano ang nangyari sa kanya.

Disappearance and Torture of Mijares and His Son

Mijares’ stories sound like the sour grapes of a trusted aide of the regime turns jilted friend. In the book “The Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos,” published in 1976. The author and his son Boyet joined eventually disappeared. No are no clues on what happened to them but the family assumes that they are tortured and murdered by the Marcoses. This claim is still unfounded until this time.

Bongbong Marcos’ Popularity

JC Gurango’s father Joey attests to the painful experiences of the family. His son allegedly comes across with the book and put them together. He regrets not doing it himself in his generation because he wants to shield his children from what they experienced. The young Gurango has his sights allegedly set on what to do for the future, but with respect for the past. He and his father are not sure to republish the book until Bongbong Marcos almost won the vice presidency. That is the breaking point for them to decide to do it – to block the younger Marcos from the executive office.

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Conjugal Dictatorship

Mijares’ portrayal of the older Marcos couple’s marriage as conjugal dictatorship cannot quite tally to the individual character of the late Ferdinand and Imelda. He may have based his stories from the whinings of the late president if he really is a personal confidante. Thinking that Mijares should know him well enough to not put negative meanings into boastful expressions sometimes. He seems to choose to discredit a friend because he did not get what he wants. Anyhow, the legal documents can disprove his accusations like the Marcoses steal from the people, want to extend rule, and the martial law abuses. Enrile simply has a different choice – and that is to object to Mijares’ misinformation.

Authoritarian Friendship

Now that the anti-Marcos people are shaken up by the growing popularity of Bongbong Marcos, they desperately stage a massive campaign to link the president who is a Marcos supporter to Martial Law abuses. Instead of looking at the military rule as a means to discipline insurgents, they perceive it as President Digong’s way of abusing his authority. Is there such thing as Authoritarian Friendship?

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