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Filipiniana Butterfly sleeves Never Goes Out of Fashion – denotes power at SONA

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Simple clothing can also give a strong presence to the wearer. Look at Michelle Obama’s blue dress during her DNC speech. It was so simple and yet so powerful with the aura and grace of the American first lady. On the other side of the world, President Rodrigo Duterte who is very particular with simplicity, really required invites to avoid lavish clothing during SONA and even if most Filipina figures showed up simple, the butterfly sleeves of there attire just flied so high – giving them the right prestige as Filipino politicians or spouses of politicians.

A simple dress code was sent by President Rodrigo Duterte through a memo. Therefore, in this first State of the Nation Address of the President, a lot of the guests stay away from glamorous gowns but most still wear signature clothes of course.

Apparently butterfly sleeves seemed to have staying power. Knee-length Filipiniana although simple as they are, they still gave powerful presence to the wearer. Many opted with the terno’s distinctive sleeves but nothing could beat the butterfly ones.

Tootsy Angara and Yasmine Vargas arrived at the Batasang Pambansa in code-compliant wear but looking so good, making those ladies in long gowns looked so out of place.

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