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Filipinos should Know and Protect Benham Rise

Hilario Andes By: Hilario Andes
Its high time a clear- cut policy and razor- sharp strategy is put in place for Benham Rise, an archipelagic extension of Philippine Territory as awarded by the U. N. 2 years ago. First, the constitutional provision of PHILIPPINE TERRITORY should be amended to include BENHAM RISE.

Second, a Philippine Naval Fleet should be established to guard the Eastern Seaboard of the country. With the trillion – dollar wealth and resources of BENHAM RISE, foreign powers to include the United States, Japan, the European Union, etc., will offer all sorts of technical grants and assistance- short of military – with the end view of sharing with the country Benham’s wealth for their own interests. A naval outpost in eastern Catanduanes should be immediately considered.

Third, additional coast guard cutters should be purchased through any mutually acceptable terms with the Philippine Allies for immediate duty and mission at the RISE TO prevent any illegal entry of any foreign vessel in whatever pretext.

Fourth, a PRESIDENTIAL COMMISION ON BENHAM RISE to conduct and spearhead research and development in partnership with local and foreign corporations should be immediately created.

Worth noting is the fact that fossil oil reserves at the middle east is dwindling and estimated to last for the next 30 years only. And that oil exploration in the northern atlantic is slowing down due to environmental reasons. It should also be stated that from Mobile – Exxon sources MALAMPAYA TWO at northern palawan which will produce 5 times the MALAMPAYA ONE is about to start and this means more dollar royalty for the Philippines.

Pag – aagawan ang Bansang Pilipinas ng mga mapanlupig na mga bansa. Mananakawan lang ang ating Bansa kapag pinayagan natin ang pagnanakaw.

The time when all able – bodied FILIPINOS here and abroad should heed the CALL OF DUTY for country is near.


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