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Filipinos need special skills to be competitive at work

special skills

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Special skills can land you into a high-paying job. It is true locally as well as overseas. TESDA offers different courses to enhance such skills. These are not limited to technical, automotive and electronic fields. There are new areas that can be explored depending on one’s interest.

[VIDEO]: Discover TESDA’s programs for skill enhancements appropriate for your needs

Special Skills going Online

It’s not just in the Philippines that the workforce members have problems with the skills needed. The same problem in America. Most of the people looking for jobs don’t have the skills employers want. Better learn from the trend.

Popular Skills

The most popular skills mentioned in job postings around the world, particularly in the U.S. are:

1. Cloud computing
2. Data mining
3. Mobile development
4. Network security
5. Middleware and integration software

Pay for the Skill-related jobs in the U.S.

Computer service representatives, administrative assistants, and construction workers typically pay $15 to $16 an hour. Those extra dollars make a difference for poor and lower middle-class workers.

How to Fix theLack of Skills Problem?

Workers want higher-paying jobs, but there’s a big debate about how to get them the necessary skills. Better education? More on-the-job training? More highly-skilled immigrants? All of the above? Parents must start diverting their funds to their child’s skills development from extra-curricular activities.

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