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Filipinos Share A Mother’s Dream of Paradise Beyond Martial Law

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The mother of Bongbong Marcos who challenges the country’s VP through an electoral protest, Imelda Marcos is now at a ripe age – but still dreams to restore paradise in the Philippines. Marcos refers to the golden age during the time of her husband, Ferdinand E. Marcos as president who was destroyed by the media propaganda using martial law abuses.

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: 24 Oras: Rep. Imelda Marcos, tinawanan lang ang kumalat na balitang patay na siya

Cool Response to False Death News

I’m alive – still dream of restoring paradise in the Philippines, said the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos. She is currently Ilocos Norte’s 2nd District Representative and her silence is interrupted by a Twitter post from Bacoor City Mayor Lani Mercado, a condolence note to the Marcoses.

Not Mercado’s Tweets

Mercado, however, denied sending the message and the follow-up tweet: “My Twitter acct account was hacked,” she claimed. Bacoor City Representative Strike Revilla’s media officer also echoed her denial of the two Twitter posts. Amelia Manzo assured that an investigation of the supposed breach is ongoing.

Spotted at the Congress

Reporters did not hesitate to interview Imelda Marcos when spotted in congress. She is also very thankful to be given the opportunity to prove that she is indeed alive. In fact, she boasts that at her age, she is still a front liner among congressmen and women. There’s no hint of negativity at all coming from her regarding the wrong news about her.

Big Dream for All Filipinos

Filipinos may be divided when it comes to a Marcos’ return to power and martial law – but it is not only the dream of his mother to bring back paradise to the country but the same goes to most Filipinos if not all. Another popular dream coming from her is for her son to become president. He may be highly favored by the current administration but it’s her sister, Imee Marcos who seems closer to the president. It is easy to assume that a transition of power can happen very soon.

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