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Filthy stray dog rescued into a beautiful Brown Husky

Brown Husky

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Raevin Amante Bonifacio sees through the eyes of the filthy stray dog. He reads on them saying, please help me. As a dog lover, he did not hesitate. He took the poor dog home.

Youtube video from GMA News


Feel the uplifting fulfilment felt by this dog lover who takes care of a stray dog with severe allergy and sees its transformation into a beautiful brown husky!

Dog Allergy

In giving the dog a bath, Raevin used water with guava leaves extracts and some herbs. These are his remedies for its severe allergy.

Painful Rashes

The dog is in agony during treatment of rashes and cuts but persevered. It would cry due to the pain but relieved that he’s not a stray dog anymore.

Stray Dog turned Jolly Husky

Who would think that a smelly itching stray dog can become a beautiful brown husky? Only those who have hearts for animals. Mankind is after all above animals. Because we have the ability to take care of those who need it – may it be animals or fellow humans.

Adopt a Stray Dog

It may be too much to ask but if you intend to get a dog anyway, better get a stray dog. Few trips to the vet will be a big help. Often these rescued dogs either reciprocate the favor or will bring you joy and grace.

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