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Flood-Control Project of Arroyo Sabotaged by Aquino like the Marcos Parañaque Spillway Scrapped by Cory


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The World Bank’s International Center for Investment Disputes (ICSID) finds that former President Benigno Aquino III’s unilateral cancellation in 2011 of the P18-billion flood-control project, awarded to Belgium’s Baagerwerken Decloedt En Zoon (BDZ), is illegal and unfair. This is similar to the Parañaque Spillway by the late Ferdinand E. Marcos scrapped by Cory Aquino.

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[VIDEO]: Thinking Pinoy galit na galit kay Ex Pres. Pinoy dahil magbabayad tayo ng P800M Plus sa Belgian Firm

Double Purpose Project

The Laguna Lake project is designed to save the polluted freshwater lake that can dredge 4.6 million cubic meters of silt and waste so it can contain more floodwaters. The project’s deepening of the critical 7-kilometer Napindan Channel in Taytay, Rizal also allows it to quickly draw floodwaters away from the capital to the lake.

Present Government’s Liability for Aquino’s Cancellation

THE Department of Finance (DOF) reviews the World Bank arbitration court ruling that requires the Philippines to pay P800 million to a Belgian dredging firm for the cancellation of the Laguna Lake Rehabilitation Project (LLRP) by Aquino – with a legal contract negotiated and signed by Arroyo. The president this time is responsible enough not to refuse payment of the said damages created by the previous administration of Pnoy.

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The Parañaque Spillway of Marcos

The Parañaque Spillway of the late president Marcos is a water-management program that includes four major projects for diverting floodwaters from the Marikina River. That flows from the Sierra Madre Mountains into Manila, joins the Pasig River, and drains into Manila Bay. Floodwaters from the Marikina are to divert into Laguna de Bay, a large lake adjacent to Manila, leading a spillway to the ocean.

Taking Away Credits from Political Enemies

The first three parts were completed in 1983, 1984, and 1986, the year of the EDSA revolution against Marcos. The fourth and final part – the spillway from Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay were scrapped by Cory Aquino. The devastations were evident when Ondoy hit in September 2009. Laguna de Bay overflowed entirely because the final project, the spillway to the ocean, was never constructed. The Aquinos are noted for their abandoning beneficial projects for the people to avoid giving credits to their political enemies and cause more sufferings to the Filipinos.