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Foreign Relations: Why are we still dependent to America?

foreign relations

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Philippines can no doubt stand by itself with all its talented citizens. However, no man is an island or no country should be isolated. Differences can sprout out even among allies. The conflict should remain there.

[VIDEO]: See the collection of images showing the Filipino-American cooperation. One of the foreign relations worth keeping indeed.

Military Aid for Defense

The United States has allocated more than $120 million in military aid to the Philippines this year. It’s the biggest in about 15 years. This is amidst the rising tension with China over the disputed South China Sea. However, it’s on the brink of cancellation when Duterte verbally attacked Obama.

OFW in the US and the Filipino-American Community

US contract workers and Filipino migrants there are vital sources of remittances for their families back home. This has contributed to the country’s economy in a great way. When it’s true that we should be proud of our own, boasting is another. Stories of betrayals in the past might be true. But the fact remains that we need all the help we could get specifically from foreign relations.

Balikatan Exercises for Military Training

Balikatan is the name for the annual military exercises between the Philippines and the United States. It is a Tagalog word meaning “shoulder-to-shoulder”. The recent April 2016 10-day exercises were the 32nd iteration of the Balikatan exercises. “Balikatan also contributes to regional security cooperation, to the development of the country’s capability to such exercises helps us do our part in maintaining regional peace and stability.”


The US Currency

The US currency remains the basis of the peso value. It only means that even if the`F Filipinos will cut its ties with the US, they will still be prominent around the world. Whereas the Philippines will be starting its alliance with other nations – and must be numerous alliances to be able to compensate the losses that could result from  the Americans saying goodbye to the Philippines for good. Mutual respect is necessary not just for the Americans but for all people, critic or not.


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