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Former Officers of Cory Aquino Ganged up against Pnoy and others

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Like the late former Senator Jovito Salonga who said that, it was Cory Aquino’s wish to make Filipinos suffer so that they will blame the Marcoses, two more officers in the Cory administration joined the Bihomadu – an alliance of Binay, Honasan, Marcos and Duterte to nail down Aquino, Roxas and other election cheaters with hard evidences so that they will be punished immediately after Duterte assumes office.

Teddy Boy Locsin was formerly Cory’s speech writer who knows pretty well that what Cory promised or reported in her speeches where not what she was doing. Gus Lagman himself was former Comelec commissioner during her stint as president.

It was also known to them and to Pastor Boy Saycon who is also one of the pioneers of Bihomadu that Cory Aquino consulted a prophet in China and the 1988 prophecy states that her son, Noynoy Aquino would bring the Philippines into chaos. That’s why in her death bed, she was against Noynoy’s becoming a president.


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