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How does Fraud against Bongbong Marcos Violates the People’s Rights to Democracy?


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Elena Grace Flores

In the US, an election protest like Bongbong Marcos’ case may not be needed. Vice President Leni Robredo’s margin over Marcos is less than one percent of the total votes cast. That is an extremely thin margin that is enough for the US Tribunal to order an automatic recount. Unfortunately, Philippine’s election system does not evolve closely yet with the changing times. However, since fraud denies the people’s rights to a free election, the recount in February 2018 can bring back democracy to the country.

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[VIDEO]: ‘Why run for senator when I already won as VP?’ – Bongbong Marcos

People’s Votes are Robbed

The focus of the people’s efforts right now should not be on Bongbong Marcos solely. The fraud that denies him the seat he won must be the highlight. It should be the people whose votes are not counted must influence the case to go forward. Those entities who aim to diminish the value of a recount must stay away. This eliminates doubts over the election results. Marcos is already the winner if evidence can speak. There must be some kind of initiative to prevent fraudulent acts from any elections in the future.

The Rule of Democracy

The recount people claim to be advocates of human rights. Therefore, they should know this; Item 3 of Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights specifically states that “the will of the people shall be the basis of the autonomy of government. Such will be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be held by secret ballot or by an equivalent free voting procedure. Hence, a free election is a basic human right. Electoral fraud is a violation of that right.”

People’s Rights

The simple way to explain is to say that in a democracy we should respect the rights of the people. The right of the majority must determine outcomes of elections. Given the incidents of failed elections, ballot re-shading, and the impossible zero votes record for Marcos, the proclamation of VP Robredo disrespects the people’s rights that their votes must be properly counted.

Bongbong Marcos has Won

Bongbong Marcos is not anymore a VP race candidate. He is not running for office either. Marcos simply reclaims the seat that is taken from him. Any media campaign should not imply that he needs the approval of the people. The former Senator is the winner of that vote already. The scrutiny must be the fraud. That certainly undermines the people’s right to have a Vice President-elect. The one who is voted by the majority of the Filipinos.

The way forward for Bongbong Marcos’ protest

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