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FYI Human Rights Bodies: Cayetano Shows Evidence of VP Leni Robredo’s Lies and Misinformation


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano shows various human rights reports and complaints fueled by Vice President Leni Robredo. He reveals Robredo’s strategy in propagating misinformation – not just online but also through her meeting and written engagements. Exaggerated data like the 7,000 deaths are publicized in her extra-judicial killing accusations against the administration. In truth only 24 are under investigation for abuse of power. The rest of the cases are casualties or collateral damages of legitimate police operations.

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[VIDEO]: Dahil sa sunod sunod na mga lumalabas na isyu ngayon laban kay President Duterte at ang paghain ng magdalo ng impeachment para patalsikin si Pres. Du30 ito ang resbak ni Senator Cayetano

International Invite

“Come to the Philippines and please look at us from a different perspective.” Senator Alan Peter Cayetano urges the delegates of the National Prayer Breakfast in the United States. The event consists of leaders from different religious and business groups worldwide. “We invite you to come to the Philippines and see for yourselves that the Philippines is not about hatred and violence. The international media portray the country wrongly.” He encourages foreign leaders to visit the country for them to discover the natural beauty of the country. It is also important to get to know the Filipinos who are loving, kind and hospitable.

War on Drugs

Cayetano also took discusses to the international community his views on the country’s war on drugs. He explains that the drug war is not a war to kill criminals. He adds that the anti-drug campaign is not a war against life but a war for Filipinos’ better living. This is contrary to the speeches of the Vice President who is anxious to replace the president once he is ousted or impeached over the wrong allegations.

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Abuse of Power

Cayetano notes that the President does not deny that there are law enforcers who abuse their power. They are isolated cases and should not be a reason to cease the entire drug campaign. The international media’s portrayal of the President in their communities as a ‘violent’ man is unacceptable. A ‘violent’ man does not want peace for anyone. All the President wants is to have a peaceful and progressive country for his people.

Wrong Data Ignites Human Rights Bodies

Cayetano compares the rogue cops in the law enforcement agencies like the PNP to the corrupt personnel in a tax agency. Just like in collecting taxes, it has to continue but cleansing is necessary. The systems have weaknesses, therefore, it is crucial to strengthen them up. Robredo as the country’s Vice President has no right to sabotage the government that she is supposedly serving. Let alone destroy the image of her own country.

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