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Goodle Adsense Violation Slowed Down Traffic

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bloggers who are already used to their daily routine to get the same average Google Adsense income every month will not dare miss to make updates on the period required. It’s just like a real office job that you have to do regularly to get your monthly pay – but sometimes, unexpected things happen.

Being alert on the Google Adsense financial reports in an hourly basis can be crucial especially when you need to hit the monthly target to pay bills. Once you sensed an unusual trend like no increase on your earnings in a day’s time, then you have to check everything that is connected to your Google Adsense account. Did you receive an alert email of certain violation for one is very important. If you did, fix it right away by removing or editing the content. Oftentimes, writers cannot believe that they have violated some rules when they are inclined to their work – just by saying the truth. Like reporting on certain insurgencies, there will be images that might not be acceptable to Google Adsense if they are disturbing. So better refrain from making headlines or attaching images that are somewhat violent.

After doing the immediate fix, you have to confirm in your account that the violation has been corrected – but do not expect right away to have the same traffic or earnings like you did before. It is like starting from scratch again when building your online network. Check out if your SEO plugins are updated, the html coding in your site are cleared up with unnecessary ones, your links are still promoted through your social media communities but might even be safe to create additional ones and aside from Google Analytics, install a counter for each post to see which ones are more popular. Then adjust your content accordingly based on the newly disclosed statistics. There’s no time to waste here because the days are running and you won’t be happy receiving less than your expenses come pay day!


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