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Google Bans Fake Sites Including News about Jejomar Binay on Duterte’s Drug List


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Fake news sites are giving social media a bad name. This is an effort to sabotage the credibility of Google and Facebook. Therefore, online netizens should be aware of their existence. They exist to malign the truth in order to brainwash people in support for their political bets. This is rampant in the Philippines as well as in America. Google for one bans fake sites through their search engines. They still come up when you search but cannot be accessible anymore unless you get a direct link and not from Google search. At the moment, former Vice President is under attack despite being a regular citizen already. This is because he knows many secrets about the Liberal Party where he had an alliance in the past. This is their way of stopping him from endorsing Bongbong Marcos to be the next president in line with the initial plans of President Duterte right from the start of his presidential campaign.

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‘Be updated’ Dpatrol26 for the latest news and current affairs in the philippines. please subscribe this channel. President Duterte never mentioned Binay and he’s not a government official anymore.

List of Fake News Sites

Here are examples of illegitimate news sites created to spread malice:

fake sites

Indication of a Google Banned Site

Fake sites can still come up through Google search but once banned, it cannot be accessible anymore – not unless you have the direct links from the provider through social media. Here’s a sample of a banned site by Google:


If the site is still accessible, creators of fake sites always have a disclaimer on – so that they can avoid lawsuits. Publications that do not stand on their own story are simply not credible.

Pornographic Advertisements

Google approved websites have a legal contract with Google Adsense to display reliable advertisements. Publishers are verified and must adhere strictly to Google’s online policies. Pornographic and violence are two natures of ads that Google does not tolerate.

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