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Gov. Imee Marcos Slams Robredo’s Fake News about Ilocos Norte

Fake News

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Vice President Leni Robredo seems to be running out of excuses on the recount anomalies when she turns her wrath to Bongbong Marcos’ sister using fake news. Robredo includes Ilocos Norte, as among the Philippines’ top 20 poorest in her speech at the London School of Economics. Gov. Imee Marcos said that contrary to the statistics of Robredo, Ilocos Norte is among the top 20 richest provinces of the Philippines. This is according to the Philippine Statistics Authority data. Ilocos Norte is rich and not poor said the lady governor. Marcos earlier is very vocal in slamming the VP due to the obvious anomalies found in the 2016 election ballot boxes from Camarines Sur that her camp undermines.

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Revisors’ Denial on Typhoon Excuse

The revisors deny Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal’s defense that the ballot boxes from Bato, Camarines Norte got wet during the December 2017 typhoon. They said that no signatures from them are found to signify Macalintal’s claim. They acknowledge receipt that the ballot boxes were in good order and condition prior to the initial recount.

Obvious Irregularities

Marcos can’t help but slam Robredo’s justifications on the wet ballots, missing audit logs, and cracked ballot boxes. They even try to reverse the cheating allegations saying that since the Marcoses are close to President Du30, they have all the opportunities to cheat. The pre-shaded ballots in favor of Robredo can even be the reason why four revisors quit immediately because they are just too obvious as Gov. Marcos insinuates.

No Poverty in Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte is definitely not among the country’s top 20 poorest provinces, Gov. Imee Marcos said. “She can easily check her data if she wants a more accurate reading on the state of poverty.” Ilocos Norte’s economy, Marcos said, grew by 16.7 percent in 2013-2014. Robredo’s report is purely malicious.

Robredo Clings to Fake News

This incident is not the first time for VP Leni Robredo to divulge the wrong data to an international audience. The first major one was during a side event of the UN. Her wrong report that gives a bad image to the country was about the president’s drug war. This is still available on Youtube. At desperate times, the most unpopular second leader of the country once again clings to fake news.

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