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Gov Imee Marcos Spearheads Business Innovation by Dealing with the Crazy Ones

Imee Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The future of innovative business is already here. It must be realized by the leaders of the land that empowering the workforce with technology know-how or skills and equipping them with reliable digital infrastructure are necessary to get employment for jobless people. There are many job vacancies awaiting the right candidates – but there seems to be a big problem in matching them. Governor Imee Marcos is doing well by not just opening her doors to companies like Accenture and People’s Support. She commits to provide what it takes to be the venue of these innovative businesses to augment the lives of her constituents.

Youtube video by; Asia CEO
[VIDEO]: Asia CEO Forum with Imee Marcos Q&A

Pick the Craziest

Governor Imee R. Marcos shared at the Asia CEO Forum her desire for creative leadership in Ilocos Norte. The quest demanded that she choose the crazy ones as her partners in developing Ilocos Norte. This is one of the seven principles or rules of governance that she learned in the past years. “It is known in the creative industries that the craziest, often the most obnoxious, is the most talented,” she addressed the audience in the said fair who are potential investors from Southeast Asia.

2020 Vision

Ilocos Norte is very reliant on dollar remittances coming from overseas Filipino workers. It definitely reduced poverty but it also led to a shortage of new investment, local entrepreneurship, and rural development. Governor Marcos then launched the “2020 vision.”  She asked; “What is the future we want?” She then organized youth groups to understand families better. The Sirib Express flagship program for the youth later evolved into what is now known as the Ilocos Norte Youth Development Office or INYDO.


Transformational Growth

Governor Marcos listens to sectors like the youth. They are taken for granted in local governance for years. While developing rural barangays and prioritizing marginalized sectors like senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and women, Governor Marcos urges the province towards transformational growth. This is by empowering the youth to be sufficient enough with innovative jobs available from BPO companies.

Innovative Business Needs Crazy Millennials

In Ilocos Norte, millennials are noted: “angry young people, depressed, hypercritical,” said the governor. “They were the first who dared to ask: why must we migrate to live?” Sure enough, the young ones can actually bring home the bacon and augment their families’ lives by learning the skills through innovative business training offered by BPO companies during their probation. Once hired, they are entitled to world-class remuneration package and benefits. Medical insurance is one of those superb benefits for the family. In the governor’s part, she initiates the provision of the technology infrastructure that these companies need to operate in Ilocos Norte.

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