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Government Pays 4,000 Victims of Martial Law Collateral Damage using Marcos’ Money

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is sickening how commercial media portray the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos as the sole villain responsible for sufferings during Martial Law. Headlines directly say that they are Marcos’ victims – when in fact, in the current president’s terms, they are the collateral damage to be paid using the wealth of the Marcos family sequestered by the PCGG.

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[VIDEO]: NEWS BREAK: Human Rights Victims Claims Board, ibibigay na ang partial compensation sa 1st batch na mga biktima ng Martial Law; AFP, nagpatupad ng malawakang balasahan sa military commanders na nakadestino sa Mindanao.

Human Rights Victims Claims Board

The Human Rights Victims Claims Board or HRVCB is created by Republic Act (RA) No. 10368 in 2013 during the Pnoy administration to evaluate claims for compensation. The allocated funds to pay them are from the P10 billion worth of Marcos’ Swiss banks deposits.

9,000 Approved Claimants for Martial Law Abuses

The board announces the partial release of compensation to the first 4,000 of 9,000 claimants following the president’s order. They are payouts to abuse victims of the Philippine Constabulary under the leadership of former president Fidel E. Ramos. PDu30 orders to release payouts after his meeting with claimants in January 2017.

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75, 730 Registrants

The board processed a total of 31,000 claims out of the 75,730 applications since it started in 2014. Under the law, the operations of the board only have until May 12, 2018 to finish its tasks. The figures prove that many claimants are not legible. This is clearly an attempt of the previous administration to mislead the public regarding the truth about the Marcos rule.

No Court Says that they are Stolen Money – Just Media Propaganda

Some of the money, as most mainstream media claimed are stolen wealth as allegedly determined by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court and the Philippine Supreme Court. They added that they are recovered by the Philippine government. In reality, no court ever had a verdict that Marcos is guilty of corruption allegations. So far, the PCGG only recovers the personal wealth of the Marcoses.

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