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Hate-Love Relationship: Vice Ganda’s Attacks Bring Out the Best in Nancy Binay

Nancy Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

This Valentines, it is memorable to recall a hate-love relationship between showbiz and politics. In May 2013, Vice Ganda voices his opposition to then senatorial candidate Nancy Binay on TV. He believes she lacks experience in public service. If he has a chance to run for public office, Vice Ganda joked that he wants instantly to become president, in the same way as many others who assumed their positions even without the right credentials.

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[VIDEO]: Vice Ganda Vs Nancy Binay

Always Doing Public Service

Binay humbly addresses Vice Ganda’s statement, saying she respects the comedian’s opinion and that she is not affected by her attacks. As the daughter of Former Vice President Jejomar Binay and former Makati City Mayor Elenita Binay, she adds that she experiences “on-the-job training for more than 20 years” with her parents.

The Humble vs. the Proud

Vice Ganda stresses his stand after hearing Binay’s response and said;  Binay indeed served her parents, but she had yet to serve the Filipino people. Despite his strong resistance, Vice Ganda said Binay that she has every right to run for office just like he has a right to voice out his opinion. He then openly campaigned for his senatorial bets during the 2013 election period. He also brings out a list of candidates he supported.

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Just Love Now

On Vice Ganda’s tweet, he and senator Binay are all smiles in a photo captioned, “Love Love Love!!!!”  Binay confirms that she and Vice Ganda both attended a friend’s party. In a low tone, she downplays their past exchanges, even acknowledging Vice Ganda’s tweet. She also reminds people to read his caption very well to prove that they are in good terms.

Nancy Binay is Down to Earth

Nancy Binay is one person that is hard to intimidate. She just laughs at every bash on social media. Never gets angry to her attackers. Binay might shy away but never snobbish. This is evident when she is seated in between Trillanes and Cayetano who are critical of her father in a senate hearing. She shows her concern into the bills she passes for the welfare of women, children and the elderly. Even shows compassion to a detractor of her father, Senator Leila De Lima. Who can’t love Nancy Binay in return? Vice Ganda really shows her good nature like her father, Jejomar Binay, a notable supporter of Bongbong Marcos. What can Vice Ganda say about Marcos-Binay tandem?

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